Friday, October 2, 2015

The First One

Oh! Clutch them pearls Jean Luc!
So here I go again, and all that.

I've decided to start another blog wherein I can post anything. I have a nerdy blog, Another that I use mainly for posting nerdy fiction and now this one. :)

This one will (should) contain anything from rants and raves to funny anecdotes I find in my travels through the bunnyweb. On the occasion that I write gaming/nerdy or fiction bloggitude, it'll be linked here.

My goal with this is to write a little every day. I cannot promise that there will be quality, but instead I will aim for quantity. Filler, if you will. Much like that quickstop 'hot dog' filled with - well whatever it is that they put in those things.

With mustard.

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