Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Makeup - Eyeliner Comparison

I've been a good little Cover Girl for many many years. At least my eyes have - I use CG eyeliner and shadows almost exclusively. Or I did. I had SO much trouble sharpening eye pencils that I would end up with more product on the floor, desk, trash and dog than on my eye - and that is when I wasn't trying to give myself splinters.

Long ago, I switched to CG's "Perfect Point Plus" pencils. The twist-up crayon-type thing that you never have to sharpen (unless you need to shank someone, but that's a different blog) and rarely gives you splinters. These things are fabulous, though they seem a little short lived. I always felt like I was burning through them, but I am an old metal-goth-wannabe lady, so I figured this was to be expected.

Then one fateful day, my CG pencil was out, just like the rest, so after work I stopped by the local store/source where I get my fix. They were out! This happens on occasion, so I picked up another color. This keeps me in eyeliner and lets me experiment with other colors on my eyes. Somewhere, someone said that you can't always wear black. I think they're wrong, but I do try anyway. This was a shade of grey, and I found that I didn't like it. It made me look like I had day-after eyeliner because it appeared faded.

I tried another store a few days later. They were also out of my fave. In fact, they had very little on the hooks. The only colors they had were sad and lonely. I've worn plenty and was tired of those colors. I looked around for a similar product and came across Maybelline's "Unstoppable" liner. It had the same type of twist-up, no-sharpening pencil. And they had black onyx, just like I usually wear. Expecting to run out just as quick, I grabbed a two pack of these (hey CG, take a hint! ;) ) and made my merry way out of the store. The first time I applied the Unstoppable, I was seriously impressed! It went on smooth and had great coverage! I get great darker lines (which I prefer) and can usually get the line I want in one pass. Two passes gives me a good dark look, great for nights out, or an everyday office-goth look. Best of all, it's probably been a month and a half and I'm still using the 1st pencil from the package. I do declare that Maybelline has a superior product here. <3

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