Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Thankful for the Things

I'm also thankful I no longer drive this model car. 
I've got a fairly wonderful network of friends. Lately I've been seeing a lot of that and trying to give back the love that I get from them. Our parents told us that it doesn't matter what our peers said to us, but it really does. To me at least.

I was discussing with a friend, her upcoming nuptials and my recent ones (woot!) and she inadvertently reminded me how far I had actually come since she and I had met.

Woefully single, virtually homeless and chronically depressed, 2012 wasn't one of my banner years. I managed to scrape myself together and find an apartment, but that was about it. Car trouble and loans were taking their tolls. Staring down the barrel of the big Four Oh with fresh wounds from someone 'catfishing' me. I was convinced that no one would want me in the state I was in. The following year however I met my beautiful bride, and despite a near miss, the spark that we created soon blossomed into a big gay inferno. She helped me to realize my potential, my self worth and showed me that I could be loved AND that I deserved it. With her help, I was able to find a new car and get my depression under control. And also have the most amazing 40th birthday!

And then she married me.

We just bought our first home a few weeks ago, and are looking forward to many many happy fun years together, because I know now that you don't have to be afraid that your partner is going to leave you for making a mistake or being angry. I finally know what true love is and am so very very thankful to have it, not just from her, but many wonderful friends as well. <3 <3

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